About Us

Mission Statement

KidsZone Preschool Academy (“KidsZone”) is committed to deliver comprehensive child development, education, health, and social awareness that enriches the lives of preschool age children and their families. KidsZone is further committed to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment to all children regardless of race, color, national origin, religion or sex.

Vision Statement

Children at KidsZone are noticed and praised for all their efforts and accomplishments. KidsZone believes in children and their potential to grow academically and socially through positive reinforcement, motivation, individualized teaching, and self-confidence. These are the cornerstones to create a lifelong love and interest for learning.

Value Statement

  • a child's natural curiosity
  • each child as unique and our teacher’s ability to understand and identify that concept
  • the culturally diverse backgrounds of children
  • family morals and cultural values
  • parental contribution as a child’s first learning environment
  • interface between parents and teachers to establish the foundation for lifelong learning


Meet the Owner

Our team is led by Yvonne Withers. She's a mother of four, a grandmother to four, and has been caring for children for over 35 years. Additionally she holds a certificate to teach First-Aid, CPR and AED Training with the Red Cross of America. Your child(ren) are safe and in the best hands at KidsZone Preschool Academy!

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